15 December 2009

Zaku Ground War Set

Along with my Dengeki Hobby Mag, I got my 1/144 'HGUCHG' Zaku ground war set.
(High Grade Universal Century Hard Graph).

The set contains the regular HG Zaku II, and 2x2 new runners.
The new features, compared to the regular Zaku II, are as following (unless otherwise stated, everything is included twice):
  • Sturmfaust
  • optional left hand
  • optional right hand (spread palm)
  • Zaku Bazooka effect part
  • standing EFF soldier with rifle
  • running EFF soldier with rifle
  • Zeon soldier with pistol
  • Zeon Wappa (I would call it a hover bike)
  • type 61 EFF Main battle tank
  • damaged track for the tank
  • explosion effect part for the tank
  • cracker/grenade for the zaku
  • 1 sheet of waterslide decals

Although the Zaku doesn't necessarily need to be painted, the option parts will surely have to.
Effect parts which have the same colour as the tank and/or bazooka just look ugly.
The Zaku has plenty of disturbing seamlines which need to be removed (forearm, legs, spike shoulder armor, and the torso).

I won't do that much modifications on the zaku itself, but I will at least modify the eye, since the original eye piece doesn't provide any detail at all.
The original eye part is just a black cylinder/cone thingy, with a round sticker for the eye.
Posing the eye is a pain, since you have to disassemble the whole head.

(The eye part)

I target to build a eye like the MG kit's have (especially like the old Gouf, but not like Zaku 2.0 or the old Zaku MG kits), which means, that the eye will be mounted on an axis.

Well, we'll see how this mod will be done the next time.

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