07 December 2009

1/100 Seravee - New Ghosty MSV Announced

All good things come in threes

With HLJ's 'Just-in-time Holiday Blowout Sale', I've been able to get the 1/100 Seravee Gundam(Designer Colors ver.) for just about 2.800¥ incl. shipping.
This Gundam was on my 'to get'-list for quiet some time now.
Ok,... I gotta admit,... currently are 2 Ghosty-MSV Suits in the making already (The GM-Kai (FanFic going to be released either this or next week) and the recently announced 'Samus Gundam')
Since I already bought the GNHW/B Seravee earlier, I'll mod this Seravee again, which will become the 3rd WIP Ghosty MSV.
The current projected LineArt:

(Original Image from Gundam00.net - Original LineArt)

So far, the main modifications will be done at the waist, the Yellow V-Fin, additional Head Vulcans, and a GM-like/GN-Archer-like Head design.

Well,... so far I can't think of anything else. Therefore I really appreciate any suggestions from your side, so please leave a comment what you would like to see.

Without backpack

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