16 December 2009


Today, I will explain you, how I modded the eye, and how it currently looks like!

In the previous post, I showed you how the original HG Zaku Eye looks like. below you can see a cross-section of the HG Zaku head, with it's helmet, the eye piece, and the part the eye piece is mounted onto:

You'll notice that the top of the eye piece is covered by the helmet, therefore I decided to modify this eye piece to have an arm, where the eye will later be attached to

With this done, the more time consuming part has to be done: the eye!
The easiest way would be to have some pla pipe with 3 to 5 mm diameter (I measured that the eye should have 3,6mm) - Anyways, I didn't have a pipe, that's why I needed to make one myself. I used 12 layers of my 0,3mm pla-plate, clued together to achive a cuboid with 3,6mm height,... however, I forgot that the cement also adds to the height, which lead to a height of about 4,5mm (well,... I soon noticed that this was good)

after the clued dried, I tried to carve one end to fit into my dremel (well, not exactly a dremel, but dremel-like)

I mounted my 12-layers-of-clued-together-pla-plate on my dremel, and now it was time to get rolling,...no, wait,... spinning. (well,... the process was more of turning instead)
With my eye-cuboid spinning/turning, I used 2 differend files. To shape the basic cylinder, I used a flat file.
After the cylinder was shaped, I 'cut' a line to highlight that the end of this cylinder is the lense (with a 3-sided file) which was later rounded off, to look even more like a lense. (well, somewhat)

(the right side of the self made eye piece was mounted on the dremel)

After I cut the original eye-piece, like stated above, I clued parts of the eye onto it.

Sexy on the front!

Oh my god,... what's that? oh wait, that are my fingers,... but what's that? A gap between this strange pole for the original eye-part to mount on and my eye part,... I will need to fix this using some slices from the remaining eye I have *sigh*

But I think it looks fantastic - now you can pose this eye similar to older MG mono-eye suits, like the gouf - with a tweezer or something else, you can easily rotate the eye, + you can work out some additional detail for the whole head, I eventually will do.

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