08 December 2009

GM-79C GM Kai Jaburo Defense Unit w/ Prototype advanced striker shield (Unit 01)

Now Defined as 'Complete'
The FanFic and propably last post on GM

Although Phantom Sweep successfully eliminated the Invisible Knights, it still lingered the threat of an attack on Jaburo by Zeon remnants. Due Char's attack on Jaburo during the One Year War, it's location was widely known and Headquarters knew that Jaburo isn't that much of an impregnable fortress anymore.
As a result, a few GM-Cs were modified for jungle combat and equipped with an prototype advanced striker shield for defeating Zeon remnants, and to hinder them infiltrating Jaburo, again.

Unit 01's prototype 'advanced striker shield' was basically a regular EFF shield with 2 additional broad beam sabres at the bottom. But older MS, like the GM series, didn't have any connection for neither Minovsky particles nor electricity at the shield connector.
Since Jaburo quickly wanted to massproduce this Shield, due the GM Strikers excellent close combat results, an unconventionel method for power supply had to be used for 01 Unit's Advanced Striker Shield prototype for evaluation: A simple wire from the backpack to the shield controls the output of an ultra compact fusion reactor for the Minvosky particles for the Beam, using simple electricity.

Usually, Beam Sabres can vary their output. But this featured some problems for this 'advanced striker shield' prototype. Since a higher Beam Sabre output required a higher current from the backpack, the wire tended to melt if the output for the sabres is increased for more than 3 seconds.
Anyways, the shield production was projected to expensive, plus many other problems still remained unsolved with Unit 02's prototype.
Therefore, the production was halted, with just 2 GM-C equipped with 'advanced striker shield' prototypes ever produced.
The 1st GM was destroyed due the shield's generator being hit by a Gelgoog's beam weapon.
The 2nd GM served until late 0083 and was stored at a Hangar in Jaburo ever since.

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