17 May 2010


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still ironing the layout and such.

1/144 MSN-01 PsyCo Zaku - finished

Finished my 1/144 PsyCo Zaku.

Check out photos and some text at the BAKUC page.

17 April 2010

1/144 MSN-01 PsyCo Zaku - almost done building it

Sanded all seamlines and clued alot of the remaining parts, like head, 'feet' for the leg-thruster etc. (which need to be sanded,... again)
I was surprised that there is some additional movement for the 'feet', but since not everything is clued together yet, you'll have to wait till it's clued, in order to see what kind of posability I'm referring to.

(I'll paint the black for the eye with enamel paint and remove excess black paint with lighter fluid, however, the stripe on top of the head isn't clued yet, since I don't know if I'll put the eye there - as always, time will tell)

Many parts aren't clued yet. I will keep it that way, in order to paint the parts more easily.
What's left on the agenda, before painting? removing seamlines, and putty some caps, which occured on some parts being clued together.
Also done one simple mod again - installed a PE PolyCap at it's bottom (for an ActionBase of course).

(Basically a 3mm hole and an according polycap - fixed using epoxy putty)

(Comparison with the 1/144 HGUC Zaku II)

16 April 2010

1/144 MSN-01 PsyCo Zaku - damn many seamlines!

Continued working on the PsyCo Zaku, thanks to the sheer amount of seam lines, I was forced to stop working on it and started working on some mods - well, only did 1 so far.

head currently put together using masking tape (how will I paint the eye-piece?)

Clued almost all parts together, but will have to remove the seam lines next prior clueing additional parts onto them.
(I have the feeling that this is the most time consuming part in building this kit)
Also modded it's left arm - I tried to make it de- and retachable, but it's just a way to complicated, so it will have a permanently detached arm.

Added alot of wire for the arm - still able to shorten it, if it proofs to be too long.
Besides the arm itself, I also modded the hands - I don't wanted the slight bend original fingers, so I used parts of the sprues to make my own straight fingers, like on the box art - also drilled holes on the front.

Will either be used for addition detail, or for leftover Beam Sabre effect parts - time will tell.

Well, that's the modding done so far, but how's the posability of this 26 year old Gunpla?
For the arms, they are quiet good -altough no PE for the Polycaps, it still has the same a slightly better posability than the HG GM[G] from the HG 08th MS Team line.

 Hard to tell, the shoulders can bend forward/backward a little bit

Arm can bend all the way up abd rotate at the shoulder, and the head can turn 360

Elbow can bend about 60 degree and rorate below the shoulder

Although the legs thrusters arent assembled yet, you already saw all the posability this MSN-01 kit is capable of.
So far for the MSN-01 - might finish building (not painting) it this weekend.
See ya next time!
Oh, regarding the eye piece - currently thinking of clueing the head together, removing seam lines, and painting the eye piece with black enamel paint after everything else is painted.
*Neither waist nor leg thrusters will be able to move - everything below the waist is fixposed, altough posabilty might be possible for a, not available, HG or even MG treatment - or if you're going to mod the according parts, which I'm not going to do.

Did you know that the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam is, technically, a Zaku? (Atleast according to my theory)
Might post a graph showcasing the relation.

15 April 2010

1/144 MSN-01 PsyCo Zaku

PsyCo, PsyCho, PsyCommu, PsyChommu, or even SyCommu - it's a matter of taste how you call this - I prefere PsyCo(mmu)

Well, anyways, a small update on the PsyCo Zaku.
Since it doesn't feature snap assembly, building will take a while.
I only clue a few parts at a time, waiting for the clue to dry, and sand the excess clue in order to remove the seamline, prior adding other parts to it.
Well, this results that I was just able to get both shoulders and the inside of the head done (the piece where the mono-eye decal will be applied to).

Currently thinking of a way to make the arms detachable (since the arms are like the Zeong's wire guided) and the best way to paint/build the head.

So Far for the progress, now a look on some contents of the box.

Of course you will get the construction manual - it feels surprisingly familiar if you build older High Grade kits like the GM(G). Well, some difference - the construction manual will focus on the construction alone - nowadays, the manual also contains backstory and such. However, You'll get a 'mechanical file' of the 'Sycommu'[sic] Zaku - well, basically just a printed cardboard (this makes me wanna collect more MSV kits). It features alot of backstory aswell aswell a guide on where to apply the decals.

speaking of decals, a small sheet of waterslide decals is included aswell

alot of 2's and arrows - one mono-eye - that's about it.
the MSN-01 at the bottom just seems to help you to recognize that this decal sheet belongs to the PsyCommu Zaku (since the MSN-01 is linked to the BANDAI) - or if you're making a custom display base.

Back to the future!

More like back to the past

2 weeks ago, I ordere a 1/144 PsyCommu Zaku (HiMo) at HLJ - it was said to be 'out of stock' back then, so I ordered it, hoping that they might get some sooner or later. (Although I had doubts)
Well, 1 day later, checking e-mails, I got mail that HLJ got my money for this item - wow, they had atleast 1 in stock!
Today, I received it - the mold looks good, has a small sheet of waterslide decals for detail, but besides that, it's one old kit (...but wasn't able to find any info about the original release date*).
What does old kit mean?

everything is molded in one color (white in this case), only PS plastic (therefore no PE Poly Caps for the joints). alot of seam lines etc.
Since it's an (almost) all-white kit, painting will be easy, and masking will only be required for details, like the thruster and red stripes.
Not build yet (currently working on the MG Ball base), but I hope, that this kit from the 80's already has the same quality in terms of 'fit', from their nowaday snap fit kits.

(... oh my,... just got a stupid idea,.... which requires a 1/144 zakuI, Hi-Zack, Zaku III, Geara Zulu, Zeong, Jagd Doga, Sazabi and maybe in fall this year Sinanju,...)

*edit: Should have taken a look on the runners earlier - the year this model was first released was 1984 - 4 years after First Gundam and 1 year prior Z Gundam

1/100 RB-79 Mobile Pod Ball 'Ver. Ka'

As promised, photos of the 1/100 MG Ball, which was codenamed 'two-face' for one particular reason!

Can you tell already? If not, here's another hint

You might notice, that I painted only half of the exterior.

Because it's the Clear Parts campaign version!

I always wanted to paint/build a model like that, and the 1/100 MG Ball was the only Gunpla from the clear parts campaign which featured plenty enough clear parts to accomplish this.
In fact, the Ball has an additional A-Plate (which is clear,... obviously), featuring all parts for the hull of the mainbody.
While removing the masking tape after painting, I was pleased with the results, however - I masked the wrong half on one part (and I first noticed this while assembling the Ball).

And I wasn't able to apply the masking tape at the exact middle of all parts, resulting in some minor inconsistencies.

Also painted the innerframe of course - but sadly, alot of detail got overshadowed by the clear parts and the chrome painted grid.

Besides the clear parts, I installed 3 LEDs (one white and two green), illuminating the cockpit and the side,... windows I suppose.
However, the base isn't finished yet - I gotta find some way to hide the batteries and switch inside the display base.
(And need to practice painting the 1/100 scale figures)

Apart from this and the falsely masked part, I'm satisfied with my work