17 April 2010

1/144 MSN-01 PsyCo Zaku - almost done building it

Sanded all seamlines and clued alot of the remaining parts, like head, 'feet' for the leg-thruster etc. (which need to be sanded,... again)
I was surprised that there is some additional movement for the 'feet', but since not everything is clued together yet, you'll have to wait till it's clued, in order to see what kind of posability I'm referring to.

(I'll paint the black for the eye with enamel paint and remove excess black paint with lighter fluid, however, the stripe on top of the head isn't clued yet, since I don't know if I'll put the eye there - as always, time will tell)

Many parts aren't clued yet. I will keep it that way, in order to paint the parts more easily.
What's left on the agenda, before painting? removing seamlines, and putty some caps, which occured on some parts being clued together.
Also done one simple mod again - installed a PE PolyCap at it's bottom (for an ActionBase of course).

(Basically a 3mm hole and an according polycap - fixed using epoxy putty)

(Comparison with the 1/144 HGUC Zaku II)

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