13 April 2010

Caught in the trap of figurines?

Recently checked my HLJ preorders and was, to a degree, shocked to see that I have alot of figurines on preorder. Starting with plamo-like figurines:
This month, my first Kotobukiya Plamo will be purchased - the 1/1 scale (OMFG HUGE!!!) RRX-7.8 Combat-san (included model number due the obvious Gundam reference) from the HoiHoi-san franchise.

I wasn't able to get some info on the exact release date so far - only able to confirm the april release.
Although I don't have Combat-san yet, I already preordered Pest-X-san awell.

Again a Kotobukiya kit, Pest-X-San will be released in june this year - again the enormous 1/1 scale, again towering roughly 13cm for the price of 3.000 yen - well, more expensive than the average highgrade Gundam kit, but let's wait for Combat-san to see, if the figure/plamo is worth the money.

Still taking a look on posable figurines, I pre-ordered one (thinking about a second (one to play with, and one to collect) Figma Black Rock Shooter from Max Factory!

Just 2667 yen excl. tax (2800yen incl. tax) - Kotobukiya,... why is the 13,5 cm Combat-san/Pest-X-san plamo more expensive than the prepainted 14cm Figma figurine?
Anyways - includes the ridiculous large Rock Cannon, the blade, eye effect part thingy, and a 2nd stand for the cannon. So far, it looks really good, and will be my first Figma figurine.

For the fix posed figurines, in the next few days, the Hatsune Miku 'Premium Figure' will be released (or put into ufo catchers for people to spend their money, getting the figure).

(source: sega.jp)

This time featuring a blue color scheme instead of the green/cyan (I prefere the blue one) and it's 24cm in heigth!

Last, and with least information available at the moment, is, again, a prize item from Sega - a Misaka Mikoto figurine from 'to aru kagaku no choudenjibou (reerugan)' ('a certain scientific electromagnetic rifle (railgun)') (July release)

Will I be able to escape the maelstrom of figurines? Who is 'Two-Face'? And why are banana yellow, and not red, like pepper, tomatoes, strawberries, cherries? And will we ever get a MG Geara Doga? This, and similar things, in the next post of 'Gousti-chan no burogu'!

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