15 April 2010

Back to the future!

More like back to the past

2 weeks ago, I ordere a 1/144 PsyCommu Zaku (HiMo) at HLJ - it was said to be 'out of stock' back then, so I ordered it, hoping that they might get some sooner or later. (Although I had doubts)
Well, 1 day later, checking e-mails, I got mail that HLJ got my money for this item - wow, they had atleast 1 in stock!
Today, I received it - the mold looks good, has a small sheet of waterslide decals for detail, but besides that, it's one old kit (...but wasn't able to find any info about the original release date*).
What does old kit mean?

everything is molded in one color (white in this case), only PS plastic (therefore no PE Poly Caps for the joints). alot of seam lines etc.
Since it's an (almost) all-white kit, painting will be easy, and masking will only be required for details, like the thruster and red stripes.
Not build yet (currently working on the MG Ball base), but I hope, that this kit from the 80's already has the same quality in terms of 'fit', from their nowaday snap fit kits.

(... oh my,... just got a stupid idea,.... which requires a 1/144 zakuI, Hi-Zack, Zaku III, Geara Zulu, Zeong, Jagd Doga, Sazabi and maybe in fall this year Sinanju,...)

*edit: Should have taken a look on the runners earlier - the year this model was first released was 1984 - 4 years after First Gundam and 1 year prior Z Gundam

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