16 April 2010

1/144 MSN-01 PsyCo Zaku - damn many seamlines!

Continued working on the PsyCo Zaku, thanks to the sheer amount of seam lines, I was forced to stop working on it and started working on some mods - well, only did 1 so far.

head currently put together using masking tape (how will I paint the eye-piece?)

Clued almost all parts together, but will have to remove the seam lines next prior clueing additional parts onto them.
(I have the feeling that this is the most time consuming part in building this kit)
Also modded it's left arm - I tried to make it de- and retachable, but it's just a way to complicated, so it will have a permanently detached arm.

Added alot of wire for the arm - still able to shorten it, if it proofs to be too long.
Besides the arm itself, I also modded the hands - I don't wanted the slight bend original fingers, so I used parts of the sprues to make my own straight fingers, like on the box art - also drilled holes on the front.

Will either be used for addition detail, or for leftover Beam Sabre effect parts - time will tell.

Well, that's the modding done so far, but how's the posability of this 26 year old Gunpla?
For the arms, they are quiet good -altough no PE for the Polycaps, it still has the same a slightly better posability than the HG GM[G] from the HG 08th MS Team line.

 Hard to tell, the shoulders can bend forward/backward a little bit

Arm can bend all the way up abd rotate at the shoulder, and the head can turn 360

Elbow can bend about 60 degree and rorate below the shoulder

Although the legs thrusters arent assembled yet, you already saw all the posability this MSN-01 kit is capable of.
So far for the MSN-01 - might finish building (not painting) it this weekend.
See ya next time!
Oh, regarding the eye piece - currently thinking of clueing the head together, removing seam lines, and painting the eye piece with black enamel paint after everything else is painted.
*Neither waist nor leg thrusters will be able to move - everything below the waist is fixposed, altough posabilty might be possible for a, not available, HG or even MG treatment - or if you're going to mod the according parts, which I'm not going to do.

Did you know that the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam is, technically, a Zaku? (Atleast according to my theory)
Might post a graph showcasing the relation.

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