30 March 2010

HGUC Hi-v Gundam

Codenamed 'G3'

Finished my HGUC Hi-v (nu) Gundam I've been working on - not much of a wip, since there wasn't really any worth mentioning,... or I am just to lazy for such (or both).

Although I used chrome color before on my O-Gundam, I wanted to know what my major mistake was.
Basically, what I read, is that I sprayed the chrome color using a too high pressure. Usually, I use 2 bar for ordinary colors, and 2,5 to 3 bar for surfacer - however, back then, I used 2 bar for the chrome aswell. Last week I read somewhere that chrome colors should be applied with about 0,8bar. With that in mind, I painted the silvery parts with my Mr. Color Super Metallic Chrome Silver. The result still isn't perfect (I don't know how good the mirror effect can be done using (this) chrome color), but by far better than the O-Gundam has.
(Click Image to enlarge)

Since it's the expensive 'Super Metallic' Color from Mr. Hobby/GSI Creos, the color won't come off that easily, and you don't have to 'buff' them to get the chrome effect (polishing the chrome color with a q-tip)

(Click Images to enlarge)

You might notice some defects with the black paint - but small model, and using the black enamel paint and lighter fluid for details won't work very well all the time - looks like I need some smaller sized q-tips v_v'

(Click Image to enlarge)

Why G3? Why a gray Hi-v Gundam? Since I'm into Gundam, I agree with Yoshiyuki to have the Gundam painted in with a 'low visibility gray' color scheme. With the white/blue Hi-v, I wanted to have it in some kind of 'G3 Colors' like the the older MG Gundam G3. On the other hand, I don't like the tradition of Gundams with some pure white dedicated to the protagonist, and gray one for the villains (like Gundam 0083, with the captured GP02 having a gray color tone instead of white like the GP01).

This is the first model I applied the decals using Mr. Mark Softer - I'm really Satisfied with the results, espacially on uneven surfaces or similar, like the LB on the front skirt.

All in all, I'm satisfied with my Hi-v, but by far not as satisfied with my Geara Doga,

23 March 2010

Fresh off the factory - non-weathered HGUC Geara Doga

Painted and satisfied, except that again some paint came off while removing the masking tape (The clear color I use seems to be responisble for this) - anyways, still looks good so far, and I will start weathering this Geara Doga soon - although I don't know how to weather a spaceborn MS yet. (I only can think of scratches on the surface, but not much else)

Anyways, 360:

And now some shots on some detail:

You also can see the Doga spinning on youtube:

21 March 2010

HGUC Geara Doga - final spurt

Geara Doga is roughly finished in terms of painting - what's left?
  • Gold for pipes/thrusters
  • Sensors for the BackPack Camera and BeamRifle Targeting Sensor
  • Pistons
How do I paint the camera/sensor? Masking and painting would be one way, but like with the HGUC Gelgoog Marine, I experienced some Issues with removing masking tape after clear gloss was applied (although I left it to dry 2 days!!! T_T ) therefore I'll stick with another method.
For this, I cut pieces of PlaPlate (0.3mm type) in the shape of the sensors - clue them on masking tape and will paint them with chrome and clear red/blue (trying to get a pink tone).
(atleast chrome will be applied with my Airbrush, since I will use it for the pistons anyway)

Cutting itself isn't that difficult, but since they're small, you should breath carefully - otherwise you might lose the part you trimmed for about 5 minutes.

How small? Here's a comparison with a 1 Euro coin.

(click to enlarge)

17 March 2010

HGUC Geara Doga pt. 0

Starting from the bottom

I built myself a base for my currently under construction HGUC Geara Doga (Rezin Schnyder ver., but will be painted in the original green colors)
Basically, I used a base which is/was included with either HG Gadessa, Gaddess, Garazzo, Arios, Susanowo, Masurao, puttied one hole (more or less well,... more less), painted it black, applied one layer of clear, applied 4 water slide decals ( Gundam Decal vol. 72 - Neo Zeon Char's Counterattack - the MS name, it's model number, faction it belongs to and the plamo manufacteurer) and finally applied another layer of clear, sealing the decals.
Depending on the angle and the lightning, you won't notice the defects, but if you want to see the defects, check out the picture below.

Well - next time gotta take more care with that (honestly, even with mr. surfacer 1200 I didn't noticed the defects)
Still looking good enough for a display and bad enough to be a reminder to work more carefully the next time.

16 March 2010

Gundam - heading out!

Et voila, like the French say.

Weathered my RX-79(G) Ground Gundam only by whashing it, drybrushing the weapons and thrusters, some additional dust on the feet and finally some soot below the thruster and knee vents. enjoy!

click on an Image to enlarge.

You might notice a crack on the face mask - I was shocked to see that!
besides that, my only complaints that I have - should have done a better job with masking the knee spikes and vent, but besides that, I'm totally satisfied with the work.

13 March 2010

RX-79(G) painted...

...and again hated that the masking tape released itself on some locations

Painted the parts of my RX-79(G) Ground Gundam - currently waiting in boxes for weathering and panel lines.

Will be done tomorrow,... I hope that I can fix some minor painting defects during that process.

07 March 2010

Detail up #3!

I just can't stop

Added 2 pipes to the right upper leg and 'stretched' the lower waist

For the pipes, the usual hole drilling and brassrod bending - nothing fency.
For the waist, I clued about 10 layers of 0,3mm Plaplate together and clued this plaplate stack on the lower end of the torso. Drilled a hole for the peg and sanded everything to fit and look quiet natural, after being painted (I hope).
Last but not least, I scribed some lines on the additional waist, which are continuing the original panel lines. - well, I find the the Gundam now to have a more sleek appearance.

In comparison, the original Ground Type Gundam (Image from Dalong.net)

06 March 2010

Detail Up!!!

PlaPlate and BrassRod Detailing!

Some photos on the added detail I mentioned in my last post.
Front total:
Close ups:

For the shoulders and chest, I added some plaplate. I applied them in a way in order to emphasize the asymmetric design of the chest and helmet of the RX-79(G)
Also added some brass aluminium rod I had left, which has a slightly larger diameter. Placed above the chest vent, giving it a bit of steampunk in my opinion.

Plaplate for the center waist unit and brass rod for the front skirts

PlaPlate for the knee and ankle covoer, aswell some brassrods below the knee vents, meant to be some kind of pipes.

Rear total:

Close ups:

Pipes on the rear of the right shoulder - need some touch ups

Machine Gun mount on the backpack - needs some touchups aswell

Plaplate and brassrod for the rear skirt.

Still need to sand some excess cement away - unless I can think of some other detail ups, this is the final version of my RX-79(G).

Lust, but not least, a picture of the fully weaponized Gundam.

05 March 2010

It's waiting time!

As you might know, I recently finished my Type 61 tanks - with the desert type waiting for reinforcements.
I started working on the RX-79(G) Ground Type Production Gundam - I removed the seamlines and clued some hands, because they're really loose. Well, the trigger finger/hand is holding a HyperBazooka, which is NOT included with the HGUC RX-79(G) - it's included with the old RGM-79(G) Ground Type GM.

I have to say, it fits almost perfectly.

Well, besides seamlines and weapons, I added some brass rods to his head (additional antennae, and a pitot tube, so the Gundam Pilot knows, how fast he is jumping ^_^

besides the modifications on the head, I'm currently not planning any other mods, except for one - I'm trying to build a mount for his regular machine gun.

Another reason I'm currently working on the Gundam - I ordered mr. mark softer and setter to improve my decals, but unless they arrived, I don't want to continue/start working on models I have waterslide decals for ^_^'

edit: Ok, I added a bit of pla plate by now :o

03 March 2010

Tanks moving out!

Finished the weathering of my 2 M61A5.
...and realised that I need a better brush.
Instead of just painting the panel lines with enamel paint + lighter fluid, I 'washed' them.
well, still looks good in my opinion.

(Upper picture taken with flash, latter one without flash - click on enlarge!)

If you want to see the Type 61 in action, be sure to check out my BAKUC-entry!
>>> http://www.bakuc.com/modeler/ghostychan/6242 <<<

02 March 2010


Currently working on a/two somewhat not that usual gunpla kits - 2 1/144 HG type 61 MainBattleTanks - which were included with the zaku ground war set.

So far, I just painted them (one in sand color and one in gray), applied decals and did some dry brushing with chrome for the roof mounted MG and the tracks.

next up will be panellining/sumiire/スミ入れ, followed by weathering (dry brush on the whole body and a more dusty/muddy look)

Why do I have 2 different colors? The Gray type61 MBT will be used for a small sized diorama for one of my HG Zeon Suits - currently my recently finished Gelgoog marine.
Although the Gelgoog Marine was mainly used as a space combat suit, the EFF used a capture Gelgoog Marine on earth for training/maneuver in the final scene of Mobile Suit Gundam 0083.

(click to enlarge)

Nothing fancy - just a square shaped piece of plywood with some artificial diorama use gras (or how to call this), and a tree. The gray type61 will be used as a defeated tank here (it can take a while to open the hatch of the turret - drilling, sanding, cutting and some clueing)

last but not least I have a (well, I will call it medium sized) diorama.
'What's that?!' - dunno, the color scheme and the planting were inspired by a level of Mobile Suit Gundam Senki 0081 for PS3 - it's meant to be part of a mountain.
Although it's a mountain, I will display my sand colored type 61 here which will, sooner or later, be reinforced by a RX-79(G) ground type Gundam.

(click to enlarge)