06 March 2010

Detail Up!!!

PlaPlate and BrassRod Detailing!

Some photos on the added detail I mentioned in my last post.
Front total:
Close ups:

For the shoulders and chest, I added some plaplate. I applied them in a way in order to emphasize the asymmetric design of the chest and helmet of the RX-79(G)
Also added some brass aluminium rod I had left, which has a slightly larger diameter. Placed above the chest vent, giving it a bit of steampunk in my opinion.

Plaplate for the center waist unit and brass rod for the front skirts

PlaPlate for the knee and ankle covoer, aswell some brassrods below the knee vents, meant to be some kind of pipes.

Rear total:

Close ups:

Pipes on the rear of the right shoulder - need some touch ups

Machine Gun mount on the backpack - needs some touchups aswell

Plaplate and brassrod for the rear skirt.

Still need to sand some excess cement away - unless I can think of some other detail ups, this is the final version of my RX-79(G).

Lust, but not least, a picture of the fully weaponized Gundam.

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