21 March 2010

HGUC Geara Doga - final spurt

Geara Doga is roughly finished in terms of painting - what's left?
  • Gold for pipes/thrusters
  • Sensors for the BackPack Camera and BeamRifle Targeting Sensor
  • Pistons
How do I paint the camera/sensor? Masking and painting would be one way, but like with the HGUC Gelgoog Marine, I experienced some Issues with removing masking tape after clear gloss was applied (although I left it to dry 2 days!!! T_T ) therefore I'll stick with another method.
For this, I cut pieces of PlaPlate (0.3mm type) in the shape of the sensors - clue them on masking tape and will paint them with chrome and clear red/blue (trying to get a pink tone).
(atleast chrome will be applied with my Airbrush, since I will use it for the pistons anyway)

Cutting itself isn't that difficult, but since they're small, you should breath carefully - otherwise you might lose the part you trimmed for about 5 minutes.

How small? Here's a comparison with a 1 Euro coin.

(click to enlarge)

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