02 March 2010


Currently working on a/two somewhat not that usual gunpla kits - 2 1/144 HG type 61 MainBattleTanks - which were included with the zaku ground war set.

So far, I just painted them (one in sand color and one in gray), applied decals and did some dry brushing with chrome for the roof mounted MG and the tracks.

next up will be panellining/sumiire/スミ入れ, followed by weathering (dry brush on the whole body and a more dusty/muddy look)

Why do I have 2 different colors? The Gray type61 MBT will be used for a small sized diorama for one of my HG Zeon Suits - currently my recently finished Gelgoog marine.
Although the Gelgoog Marine was mainly used as a space combat suit, the EFF used a capture Gelgoog Marine on earth for training/maneuver in the final scene of Mobile Suit Gundam 0083.

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Nothing fancy - just a square shaped piece of plywood with some artificial diorama use gras (or how to call this), and a tree. The gray type61 will be used as a defeated tank here (it can take a while to open the hatch of the turret - drilling, sanding, cutting and some clueing)

last but not least I have a (well, I will call it medium sized) diorama.
'What's that?!' - dunno, the color scheme and the planting were inspired by a level of Mobile Suit Gundam Senki 0081 for PS3 - it's meant to be part of a mountain.
Although it's a mountain, I will display my sand colored type 61 here which will, sooner or later, be reinforced by a RX-79(G) ground type Gundam.

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