30 March 2010

HGUC Hi-v Gundam

Codenamed 'G3'

Finished my HGUC Hi-v (nu) Gundam I've been working on - not much of a wip, since there wasn't really any worth mentioning,... or I am just to lazy for such (or both).

Although I used chrome color before on my O-Gundam, I wanted to know what my major mistake was.
Basically, what I read, is that I sprayed the chrome color using a too high pressure. Usually, I use 2 bar for ordinary colors, and 2,5 to 3 bar for surfacer - however, back then, I used 2 bar for the chrome aswell. Last week I read somewhere that chrome colors should be applied with about 0,8bar. With that in mind, I painted the silvery parts with my Mr. Color Super Metallic Chrome Silver. The result still isn't perfect (I don't know how good the mirror effect can be done using (this) chrome color), but by far better than the O-Gundam has.
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Since it's the expensive 'Super Metallic' Color from Mr. Hobby/GSI Creos, the color won't come off that easily, and you don't have to 'buff' them to get the chrome effect (polishing the chrome color with a q-tip)

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You might notice some defects with the black paint - but small model, and using the black enamel paint and lighter fluid for details won't work very well all the time - looks like I need some smaller sized q-tips v_v'

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Why G3? Why a gray Hi-v Gundam? Since I'm into Gundam, I agree with Yoshiyuki to have the Gundam painted in with a 'low visibility gray' color scheme. With the white/blue Hi-v, I wanted to have it in some kind of 'G3 Colors' like the the older MG Gundam G3. On the other hand, I don't like the tradition of Gundams with some pure white dedicated to the protagonist, and gray one for the villains (like Gundam 0083, with the captured GP02 having a gray color tone instead of white like the GP01).

This is the first model I applied the decals using Mr. Mark Softer - I'm really Satisfied with the results, espacially on uneven surfaces or similar, like the LB on the front skirt.

All in all, I'm satisfied with my Hi-v, but by far not as satisfied with my Geara Doga,

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