01 November 2009

Here comes the ChrOme!

ChrOme my God!
Would Setsuna have said if the O Gundam would have been chrome.

Recently received my chrome color.

It's facinating just to look at the color while in the bottle,... which I did for about 10 minutes. ^_^'

Originally the chrome color was my sole reason for me to order from Japan, but I ordered the O Gundam (gray) alongside to justify the shipping. Anyways, after looking at the Chrome Color for about 10 minutes (I can't remember that I took drugs), I built the O Gundam and I got to say that the overall gray appearance with the red jewel and chin looks great. (Honestly, I think that the gray one looks much better than the A.C.D. version, if you wonder yourself why I bought the gray instead the colored A.C.D. O Gundam: The gray one features a more bulky and prototype looking GN drive, as well as the GN-Feather effect part, which the A.C.D. one lacks)

Here's the O Gundam straight out of the box with the GN Feather effect part and mounted onto a Action Base 2. The GN condenser part for the chest is still missing in the above posted picture, mainly because I don't want to damage it while disassembling the O Gundam again later on.

After I painted the white parts with the chrome color, I noticed that the surfacer shatters the reflection too much, resulting in a metallic instead of a chrome finish. How I noticed it? I also painted, just for fun, the back of the front shield cover (not to be seen after assembly) and noticed that painted straight onto the plastic, it has a much better mirror-like effect. It was hard to find a prober angle and lightning setup in order to show it on the photos, but it seems that this is something you can't see on photos with just one small area of paint.
Well, I'll keep that in mind when painting the Alvaaron prototype mod.

On the next day, I received my Pla Plates and was a little bit surprised, regarding the size of a sheet (Yeah, the exact dimensions are given in the product description, but I'm surprised everytime I actually hold them in my hands).
Still having to paint all the other parts for my O Gundam (red, gold, gray1 and gray2), I used PlaPlate for my first time and added a little bit of detail on the chest.

I found the original top of the chest a bit plain, that's why I added a trapezium (nothing special, just for testing how to cut PlaPlates and how to trim them,... well, still need to practice)
I also used to much cement which I had to sand away after it has dried,

After I Painted everything, I noticed that the edges of the PlaPlate should have been smothen a little bit more in order to look natural,... well, but to lazy to redo everything, I'll just keep it that way.
The GN Condenser is installed now, too! I used the metallic green Gundam Marker from the BB Senshi Sangokuden Gundam Marker Set, and painted the clear part from the inside in order to maintain the gloss of the clear part. Initially, I though of adding a LED inside the torso/behind the condenser for a light-up effect, but since theres is no space for any LED without sacrificing hip movability, I decided to keep the chest as it is.

Well, so far for the O Gundam itself, now what's left is to build the display box, which is roughly done, but still need alot of touch up, the paintshop and its electrics.

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