09 November 2009

The GM Kai / ジム 改

Good Night Jim!

I decided not to go with the Alvaaron mod, since I lack the skill in scrap building. Therefore I chose to go with pla Plating and one modification instead, as a practice.
Initially, I wanted to build a Katara for the GM, similar to that one the Sinanju and Unicorn Gundam has. But, since I lack the skill, I thought of a similar way and was enlightend late in the night. Basically, I used 2 spare Beam sabres/daggers + GN Beam Dagger effect parts, which are left from my MG Exia Repair.

Afterwards, I thought of a piece of Fanfic for the projected mod to be canon, or at least as far as my understanding of the Universal Century Technology goes.
Well, let's get started,..
1st I though of how the Beam Sabres for the shield are going to be fed with particles for the Beam Sabres.
In order to look like a prototype shield (The whole Fan Fiction will be released upon model completion), I decided to have wires to go from the backpack to the bottom of the shield.
This was easy, I just drilled 2 holes into the backpack and 2 holes through the centerpiece on the back of the shield.
Afterwards, I shortened the Beam Sabres handles to about 1 quarter of it's original size.
Finally, I used Epoxy Putty and fixed the wires and Beam Sabre Handle to the bottom of the shield.

I left the epoxy to dry for about 6 hours and applied a piece of PlaPlate on top of it, after I leveled the Epoxy using a Design Knife.

After the bottom part was finally done completed, I 'coated' the wire between bottom and center with Meshtube, which looks, at least in my opinion, great.

After the shield was done, I applied a few pieces of PlaPlate on the GM itself (Only Front I admit)

Final model (Painting left)

While building the model, I decided to give it the Hyper Bazooka from my MG Gundam MkII (Yeah, this is canon).

So far, I'm satisfied with my results (Ok, could be better, but nonetheless)

If you wonder what's with the box for the O Gundam,... this will of course be continued aswell, but currently I'm more focusing on the GM.


Parts of the HyperBazooka

The current version of the Projected Colorsheme (Yeah,... me suck @ PhotoShop)

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