25 November 2009

MG GN-X announced and PreOrdered A.S.A.P. / ジンクス

The Sphinx without it's nose.
(GN-X is read Jinx, which reminded me of Sphinx, since the very first time)

(Source: NgeeKhiong)

For many people, this was the most random GunPla announcement this year.
Why? There was somewhat a trend for the MG Series, only to have Gundams outside the UC Timeline Series. Therefore, the GN-X is the first 'non-UC & non-Gundam & Grunt' MG kit.
Well,... As soon as I heard of this, I had to preorder this gem,... this will for sure replace my 1/100 NG 00-Raiser.
What I like about the GN-X is, that it is a grunt & mass produced Suit, and I somewhat like the design (resembles the letter X, has 4 eyes, and so-called GN-Claws for the Fingers (I wonder how Bandai will accomplish this)).
Speaking of wondering about features, I'm eager to know how the GN-Drive will be made (espacially how the locking system works), if there are any LED Units, and what parts they might illuminate.

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