27 February 2009

A Prelude to the Airbrush

This weekend, i'll use my Airbrush for the first time, I'll start with coloring my Action Base 1 Celestial Being ver., or atleast, the yellow part, because I think it looks kinda plain,... just white,...

I'll use the Yellow to paint the Dom's Heatsabre afterwards, because I don't want to 'just start' with painting a model without at least a few experiences.

Anyways, today, the 'prelude', will consist of a new image of my OO-Raiser (double oh Gundam + O Raiser).

Well, what's so special?

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I juste love those fluorescent colors, because... it looks cool!!! ^_^'
The eyes are painted green and this head 'jewel' is painted with help of many little pink dots :) (in order to achive the pink to be not noticeable, or at least less noticeable, with daylight etc.)

I really can recommend fluorescent gundam marker if you happen to have a black light near your display.

Another idea I might give a try sooner or later (read: later) would be painting the eyes with fluorescent color and inserting a blacklight LED inside the Head. But 1st, I need one of those LEDs and 2nd, it might only work in the nu-Gundams head, due it's size.

Well, we'll see.

22 February 2009

HGUC MS-09F Dom Tropen Sandbrown ver. and a Airbrush

In my previous posting, I made a, more or less good (more less) review of the HG RGM-79(G) model.
I thought that an antagonist would be good for the intended diorama, that's why i bought the MS-09F Dom Tropen (Sandbrown color).

Today, I won't make a 'review', I'll just point out a few points.

  • one moveable finger per hand, so you don't need to swap hands if you want to change between SMG and Sturmfaust (or Raketen Baz and HeatSabre)
  • better articulation compared to the GM modell (although it's a Dom)
  • many weapons (4x Sturmfaust 1x Raketen Baz 1x HeatSabre and 1x 80mm SubMachineGun)
  • Plenty of extra ammo for storage on the waist
  • Mono-Eye isn't moveable (If you want a moveable Mono-eye, you'll have to stick with the classic HGUC MS-09 Dom/MS-09R Rick Dom kit.)
  • especially one stormfaust wants to fall off all the time.
I'm to lazy to take photos of the Dom Tropen, so instead, you'll just get a picture with fluoroscent eye and the chest stored beamcannon

The Dom stands in front of a blacklight in order to lighten the fluoroscent green (eye) and pink (beamcannon).
Also, the dust on the vase gave me an idea on how to make a starfilled nightsky,... I only need a black colored cardboard and some time to collect dust ^_^.
And to answer (maybe?) upcoming questions like 'why no photos' and 'why not started with this simple desert diorama'

My Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline two in one set.

And yes, i already have a compressor, but the only thing left I need is a male coupling (if my dictionary is right) to connect the compressor to the hose (hose sounds funny, somehow), which is already connected to the Airbrush itself.

09 February 2009

RGM-79(G) HG

After collecting quiet some gunpla, i decided to (try to) make a diorama and 'destroy' some cheap gunpla for experimental use.
Since i didn't have any GM by then, i wanted to buy 2 of my favorit GM's, which is the RGM-79 groundtype GM, as seen in the Gundam OVA 'The 08th MS Team'
These HG GM-kit is old (1996), and I can say, you'll notice it plenty of times.

Now, let's take a look what's inside!

As you can see, you'll have 4 runners + 1 polycap runner, with 3 (or 4) colors ('white', orange, gray and those beamsabres(more of them later))
You'll also have 2 sheets of seals, one contains it's sensor unit. Later HG (and of course MG) GM kit's don't use a sticker for the sensor, instead, the sensor's are clear parts. After building my GM, i said to myself 'not bad, but could be better'. The next morning i said 'what the hell?'. Those Sensors want to fall of quickly, i strongly recommend reinforcing it with additional clue, or paint this sensor to beginn with (if you are able to get somehow on metallic green color).
Speaking of painting the sensor, you'll have to paint the camera (those things at the ends of this mohawk)

As usual, your HG GM will only be articulated with polycaps. But for some reason, there are balljointed hands on the polycap runner. Besides the back of the hand being black (which should be white), there's one main reason why you can't use them... because you are forced to use those pole-jointed hands instead, limiting it's articulation by far!

should you've find a way to use a balljointed hand, and painted it's back, you should use the remaining white to paint the Beamsabres.

Instead having an effect part for the beam, and a white part for the sabre itself, you only have one clear pink part.

After the GM being finished, you'll notice some other, disturbing aspects.

Of course, there is this lack of color. You'll need to paint it, in order to look at least a bit good. Also, this little gap between two parts can be a pain in the ass, if you paint this model afterwards (remember, one of this models was to destroy, and you'll a bit of it afterwards)
The Cockpit is just the upperpart of the pilot seat. If you're looking forward to show of the GM's cockpit, you'll need to use the MG kit.
Additionally, equiping the Bazooka is almost impossible, if you want your GM firing or at least aiming with that thing. Good thing that you have a 6-tube Misslelauncher as well. I go with this misslelauncher, it's easier to perform poses with it.
Last, but not least, the GMs posability could be much better. The Ellbow can only bent by 100°, no full bent at the legs, The skirtarmor for frontleft and frontright is one part, so if one the left leg steps forward, the armor for the right leg will imitate the position of left leg's skirt armor.
But the worst: you can't make a kneeling pose with the GM! The frontskirtarmor collides with the lower torso.

After I painted my GM a bit you'll notice on the right, that those gaps between 2 parts can easily destroy it's look, unless you want to use it as a panel line.

now, it looks alot better than being unpainted, isn't it?
If you want to make a real good looking HG GM, i advise to paint all the interiors of the panels with a gray color. This improves your result well.

I also tried a littlebit of weathering with RealTouch GundamMarker

If all this Airbrush equipment wouldn't be that expansive, because with an airbrush, you can do much better weathering (if skilled).

I'll still gonna practice a bit with my gundam marker.

p.s.: excuse my crappy English today, i don't know why it sucks even more >_< (and i'm to lazy to correct mistakes,... erm,... i mean, to look for these mistakes)

02 February 2009

First impression on - Windows 7 Beta

Today, I finally installed the Windows 7 Beta on my second partition. It run's quite well, I didn't have any crash by now and it boots as fast as (my current) XP.

Well, that sums it up, what my first impression is like.

But I mainly write this blog because I want to show you the 2 Worlds of Windows 7 (although I don't know, if this second world already existed in Vista)

(left side: my 19" Monitor, right side: my 26" HD-Ready TV)

(left: Monitor, right: TV)

I really like those gadgets,... although only 2 of those 5 make sense..
I actually don't need this calendar, but too often I'm too lazy to click on the bottom right for it, or look above my monitor. The CPU and RAM usage is only enabled since i don't have the G15 software installed right now.
Weather is needed, espacially forecast.
The RSS reader is stupid,... it didn't refreshed since 3 hours.
Currency converter,... how did i survived without that? No need to go to yahoo! finances anymore.

(...still waiting for my gunpla to arrive.)