02 February 2009

First impression on - Windows 7 Beta

Today, I finally installed the Windows 7 Beta on my second partition. It run's quite well, I didn't have any crash by now and it boots as fast as (my current) XP.

Well, that sums it up, what my first impression is like.

But I mainly write this blog because I want to show you the 2 Worlds of Windows 7 (although I don't know, if this second world already existed in Vista)

(left side: my 19" Monitor, right side: my 26" HD-Ready TV)

(left: Monitor, right: TV)

I really like those gadgets,... although only 2 of those 5 make sense..
I actually don't need this calendar, but too often I'm too lazy to click on the bottom right for it, or look above my monitor. The CPU and RAM usage is only enabled since i don't have the G15 software installed right now.
Weather is needed, espacially forecast.
The RSS reader is stupid,... it didn't refreshed since 3 hours.
Currency converter,... how did i survived without that? No need to go to yahoo! finances anymore.

(...still waiting for my gunpla to arrive.)

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