25 November 2009

30th Anniversary Gunpla Campaign - New PV

(Image from www.gunpla30th.net)

Although Bandai's 30th Anniversary site just started, they already released a new page, including a Video, promoting their Clear Parts Campaign.

Anyways, here ya' go:

Interessting to see, that they completly changed the release dates for the models, if not for all.
Additionally, the release date for the MG V Gundam is revealed,... ready to hit the Japanese Storeshelves on the 12th of December.

Still considering whether to get the Char Gelgoog 2.0 with clear parts, or the ordinary green one later (and another kit in december)

MG GN-X announced and PreOrdered A.S.A.P. / ジンクス

The Sphinx without it's nose.
(GN-X is read Jinx, which reminded me of Sphinx, since the very first time)

(Source: NgeeKhiong)

For many people, this was the most random GunPla announcement this year.
Why? There was somewhat a trend for the MG Series, only to have Gundams outside the UC Timeline Series. Therefore, the GN-X is the first 'non-UC & non-Gundam & Grunt' MG kit.
Well,... As soon as I heard of this, I had to preorder this gem,... this will for sure replace my 1/100 NG 00-Raiser.
What I like about the GN-X is, that it is a grunt & mass produced Suit, and I somewhat like the design (resembles the letter X, has 4 eyes, and so-called GN-Claws for the Fingers (I wonder how Bandai will accomplish this)).
Speaking of wondering about features, I'm eager to know how the GN-Drive will be made (espacially how the locking system works), if there are any LED Units, and what parts they might illuminate.

24 November 2009

30th Anniversary Gunpla Campaign

And so it Begins

With this years 30th Anniversary of Gundam itself, next year will be GunPla in particular
What we will get,... well, Bandai knows for sure, but they teased us with their introduction movie from their Campaign Website http://gunpla30th.net/.
The first Anniversary related promotion is the MG Clear Parts Campaign.
(Source: Ngee Khiongs Blog - >>Post<<).
Anyways, here ya' go!

23 November 2009

GM-C Part 2.5 / ジム改

Finally a good scene to showcase the size of a MS

Actually, not really any photos to post about the current progress,...
Didn't took that much photos and those which were taken usually suffered from overexposure.
Well,... on the other hand, there wasn't much done actually,...
In fact, I just painted the Head Vulcans and the 'mouth guard' with chrome, the rear camera with gundam marker metallic red, applied a few decals, and tried panellining using enemal paint + lighter fluid(or white gas, or zippo oil,... so many names).

Next week, I'll hopefully receive my HLJ package, including some ordinary Putty.
(Need to redo the Shield)

19 November 2009

GM-C Part 2 / ジム改

Oh noez, I lost Jim!
(In the forest)

Finally painted my GM-C with the camoflage colorsheme, and gotta say, it looks quiet good.

Why a Camoflage and not the green one previously posted?
a) I found the camoflage to be more,... 'tankish', and
b) I found it more challenging.

Well, let's get this post started:

Basically I primed the model first using Mr. Surfacer 1200 (thinned with mr. Color Thinner and it can be used with an Airbrush), and with Revell Aquacolor DarkGreen (no. 68) afterwards.
Followed by a brown tone (don't know what colors and what mixing ratio used,... this brown was used for one of the Exia Repair's Cape-color layers), and finally, Revell Aquacolor TankGray (no. 78).
I painted it freehand, because masking would have resulted in 0 transition, which I found a bit unrealistic.
The frame was painted with mr. Surfacer + black, this resulted in a slightly brighter gray tone than the tank gray, this can very well be seen on the Hyper Bazooka (Which is now stored on the back of the GM).
The white was painted with Revell AquaColor White.
The feet and BackPack cover were painted with the blue used for the RX-78-2.5 (recently added to my Ghosty MSV line), which is Basically just Revell Aquacolor Blue (no.56) and white (both flat).
The red with some old AirBrush color I started with,... Well, they provide a slight gloss, but I still don't like those colors, that's why I bought a flat red color from revell, too! (And now I'm able to mix purple,... although I currently don't have any model which needs to be painted purple (maybe a Dom,... maybe not),... anyways)
I also made new sensors for the weapons,... basically, those are just 2 PlaPlate parts (I need a new blade for my design knife).
The golden Parts (Chest vents and Emblem), thrusters and Weapon Sensors were painted with Mr. Color Super Metallic Chrome Silver and clear red, orange or yellow accordingly.
Finally, I did a bit of wheathering and Dry Brushing (well,... more or less good,... more less).
So far, the model is roughly finished, but I still need to do quiet some touch up work on the model:

-a few parts of the model which I missed to paint
|->Rear Camera, the SubThrusters on the shoulders, some interiors and such.
-still need to shade the panels and panelline it.
-deciding wheather to paint the 'mask' with crome or leave it green.

"OMFGZ0rz!!!!!!!!11111oneoneoneeleven, why is the shield not in CamoFlage color?!?!?!?!?!"
Because it's a prototype obviously

09 November 2009

The GM Kai / ジム 改

Good Night Jim!

I decided not to go with the Alvaaron mod, since I lack the skill in scrap building. Therefore I chose to go with pla Plating and one modification instead, as a practice.
Initially, I wanted to build a Katara for the GM, similar to that one the Sinanju and Unicorn Gundam has. But, since I lack the skill, I thought of a similar way and was enlightend late in the night. Basically, I used 2 spare Beam sabres/daggers + GN Beam Dagger effect parts, which are left from my MG Exia Repair.

Afterwards, I thought of a piece of Fanfic for the projected mod to be canon, or at least as far as my understanding of the Universal Century Technology goes.
Well, let's get started,..
1st I though of how the Beam Sabres for the shield are going to be fed with particles for the Beam Sabres.
In order to look like a prototype shield (The whole Fan Fiction will be released upon model completion), I decided to have wires to go from the backpack to the bottom of the shield.
This was easy, I just drilled 2 holes into the backpack and 2 holes through the centerpiece on the back of the shield.
Afterwards, I shortened the Beam Sabres handles to about 1 quarter of it's original size.
Finally, I used Epoxy Putty and fixed the wires and Beam Sabre Handle to the bottom of the shield.

I left the epoxy to dry for about 6 hours and applied a piece of PlaPlate on top of it, after I leveled the Epoxy using a Design Knife.

After the bottom part was finally done completed, I 'coated' the wire between bottom and center with Meshtube, which looks, at least in my opinion, great.

After the shield was done, I applied a few pieces of PlaPlate on the GM itself (Only Front I admit)

Final model (Painting left)

While building the model, I decided to give it the Hyper Bazooka from my MG Gundam MkII (Yeah, this is canon).

So far, I'm satisfied with my results (Ok, could be better, but nonetheless)

If you wonder what's with the box for the O Gundam,... this will of course be continued aswell, but currently I'm more focusing on the GM.


Parts of the HyperBazooka

The current version of the Projected Colorsheme (Yeah,... me suck @ PhotoShop)

01 November 2009

Here comes the ChrOme!

ChrOme my God!
Would Setsuna have said if the O Gundam would have been chrome.

Recently received my chrome color.

It's facinating just to look at the color while in the bottle,... which I did for about 10 minutes. ^_^'

Originally the chrome color was my sole reason for me to order from Japan, but I ordered the O Gundam (gray) alongside to justify the shipping. Anyways, after looking at the Chrome Color for about 10 minutes (I can't remember that I took drugs), I built the O Gundam and I got to say that the overall gray appearance with the red jewel and chin looks great. (Honestly, I think that the gray one looks much better than the A.C.D. version, if you wonder yourself why I bought the gray instead the colored A.C.D. O Gundam: The gray one features a more bulky and prototype looking GN drive, as well as the GN-Feather effect part, which the A.C.D. one lacks)

Here's the O Gundam straight out of the box with the GN Feather effect part and mounted onto a Action Base 2. The GN condenser part for the chest is still missing in the above posted picture, mainly because I don't want to damage it while disassembling the O Gundam again later on.

After I painted the white parts with the chrome color, I noticed that the surfacer shatters the reflection too much, resulting in a metallic instead of a chrome finish. How I noticed it? I also painted, just for fun, the back of the front shield cover (not to be seen after assembly) and noticed that painted straight onto the plastic, it has a much better mirror-like effect. It was hard to find a prober angle and lightning setup in order to show it on the photos, but it seems that this is something you can't see on photos with just one small area of paint.
Well, I'll keep that in mind when painting the Alvaaron prototype mod.

On the next day, I received my Pla Plates and was a little bit surprised, regarding the size of a sheet (Yeah, the exact dimensions are given in the product description, but I'm surprised everytime I actually hold them in my hands).
Still having to paint all the other parts for my O Gundam (red, gold, gray1 and gray2), I used PlaPlate for my first time and added a little bit of detail on the chest.

I found the original top of the chest a bit plain, that's why I added a trapezium (nothing special, just for testing how to cut PlaPlates and how to trim them,... well, still need to practice)
I also used to much cement which I had to sand away after it has dried,

After I Painted everything, I noticed that the edges of the PlaPlate should have been smothen a little bit more in order to look natural,... well, but to lazy to redo everything, I'll just keep it that way.
The GN Condenser is installed now, too! I used the metallic green Gundam Marker from the BB Senshi Sangokuden Gundam Marker Set, and painted the clear part from the inside in order to maintain the gloss of the clear part. Initially, I though of adding a LED inside the torso/behind the condenser for a light-up effect, but since theres is no space for any LED without sacrificing hip movability, I decided to keep the chest as it is.

Well, so far for the O Gundam itself, now what's left is to build the display box, which is roughly done, but still need alot of touch up, the paintshop and its electrics.