19 November 2009

GM-C Part 2 / ジム改

Oh noez, I lost Jim!
(In the forest)

Finally painted my GM-C with the camoflage colorsheme, and gotta say, it looks quiet good.

Why a Camoflage and not the green one previously posted?
a) I found the camoflage to be more,... 'tankish', and
b) I found it more challenging.

Well, let's get this post started:

Basically I primed the model first using Mr. Surfacer 1200 (thinned with mr. Color Thinner and it can be used with an Airbrush), and with Revell Aquacolor DarkGreen (no. 68) afterwards.
Followed by a brown tone (don't know what colors and what mixing ratio used,... this brown was used for one of the Exia Repair's Cape-color layers), and finally, Revell Aquacolor TankGray (no. 78).
I painted it freehand, because masking would have resulted in 0 transition, which I found a bit unrealistic.
The frame was painted with mr. Surfacer + black, this resulted in a slightly brighter gray tone than the tank gray, this can very well be seen on the Hyper Bazooka (Which is now stored on the back of the GM).
The white was painted with Revell AquaColor White.
The feet and BackPack cover were painted with the blue used for the RX-78-2.5 (recently added to my Ghosty MSV line), which is Basically just Revell Aquacolor Blue (no.56) and white (both flat).
The red with some old AirBrush color I started with,... Well, they provide a slight gloss, but I still don't like those colors, that's why I bought a flat red color from revell, too! (And now I'm able to mix purple,... although I currently don't have any model which needs to be painted purple (maybe a Dom,... maybe not),... anyways)
I also made new sensors for the weapons,... basically, those are just 2 PlaPlate parts (I need a new blade for my design knife).
The golden Parts (Chest vents and Emblem), thrusters and Weapon Sensors were painted with Mr. Color Super Metallic Chrome Silver and clear red, orange or yellow accordingly.
Finally, I did a bit of wheathering and Dry Brushing (well,... more or less good,... more less).
So far, the model is roughly finished, but I still need to do quiet some touch up work on the model:

-a few parts of the model which I missed to paint
|->Rear Camera, the SubThrusters on the shoulders, some interiors and such.
-still need to shade the panels and panelline it.
-deciding wheather to paint the 'mask' with crome or leave it green.

"OMFGZ0rz!!!!!!!!11111oneoneoneeleven, why is the shield not in CamoFlage color?!?!?!?!?!"
Because it's a prototype obviously

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