22 February 2009

HGUC MS-09F Dom Tropen Sandbrown ver. and a Airbrush

In my previous posting, I made a, more or less good (more less) review of the HG RGM-79(G) model.
I thought that an antagonist would be good for the intended diorama, that's why i bought the MS-09F Dom Tropen (Sandbrown color).

Today, I won't make a 'review', I'll just point out a few points.

  • one moveable finger per hand, so you don't need to swap hands if you want to change between SMG and Sturmfaust (or Raketen Baz and HeatSabre)
  • better articulation compared to the GM modell (although it's a Dom)
  • many weapons (4x Sturmfaust 1x Raketen Baz 1x HeatSabre and 1x 80mm SubMachineGun)
  • Plenty of extra ammo for storage on the waist
  • Mono-Eye isn't moveable (If you want a moveable Mono-eye, you'll have to stick with the classic HGUC MS-09 Dom/MS-09R Rick Dom kit.)
  • especially one stormfaust wants to fall off all the time.
I'm to lazy to take photos of the Dom Tropen, so instead, you'll just get a picture with fluoroscent eye and the chest stored beamcannon

The Dom stands in front of a blacklight in order to lighten the fluoroscent green (eye) and pink (beamcannon).
Also, the dust on the vase gave me an idea on how to make a starfilled nightsky,... I only need a black colored cardboard and some time to collect dust ^_^.
And to answer (maybe?) upcoming questions like 'why no photos' and 'why not started with this simple desert diorama'

My Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline two in one set.

And yes, i already have a compressor, but the only thing left I need is a male coupling (if my dictionary is right) to connect the compressor to the hose (hose sounds funny, somehow), which is already connected to the Airbrush itself.

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