29 October 2009

Oh dude,... c'mon!

O Gundam Display Box / オ・ガンダム

Part 2 of the Display Box construction Diary.
Currently it's going quiet well, but I will need some spackling paste to fix the gaps which resulted due the lack of my craftsmanship regarding the processing of wood.

Basically, the box is just some plywood clued into a box, with 3 holes ( one for the switch, batteries and the Action Base).
Below stated, you can see my HG Cherudim Gundam from the second season of Gundam 00 on the Clear Green Actionbase 2, illuminated with white LEDs from below.

In my Opinion, the white LEDs with the Clear Green Actionbase 2 resulted in the model being illuminated with a cyan light. If you watched the anime Gundam 00, you might remember that the GN particles (including the one from the O Gundam from the 1st episode) are more cyan than green. (You might as well check out the official website, currently having a image of the Exia Repair on it's top page, including GN particles).

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