21 October 2009

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Bust(ed) / 機動戦士ガンダム ユニコーン

With the upcoming new Gundam Anime OVA, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn / Kidô Senshi Gandamu Yunikoon / 機動戦士ガンダム ユニコーン, Bandai decided to make the 100th High Grade UC (Universal Century) kit the Unicorn Gundam (destroy mode) and the 101th HGUC kit the Unicorn Gundam (unicorn mode)
I'm really looking forward to the OVA as well as the HGUC Unicorn Gundams - ok, some of you might ask, why getting the HG versions, when there's a MG version with the full transformation feature? well,... honestly, I don't like the Unicorn Gundam in one of it's modes displayed alone - so 2 MG kits would be 10.000 yen - and for that amount of cash, I'd rather get a PG ZakuII.

Additionally, in order to celebrate the OVA and the 100th HGUC model kit, Bandai and Dengeki Hobby are going to release a 1/48 scale Gundam Unicorn bust (including a transformation gimmik), which includes a display stand for the HGUC Unicorn Gundams, as a furoku with the upcoming Dengeki Hobby January 2010 issue (november 25th release). I have to say that I pre-ordered 2 issues for both HGUC Unicorn Gundams ^_^'.
I'll think I'll built in some LED's - but currently, I have enough other projects running and about to start, so nothing organized yet.

On youtube, you can see a Trailer for the OVA, but with bad sound quality.

I really hope that Bandai isn't breaking their promise of a simultaneously wordwide release and that we Germans also get the Blu-Ray version of this OVA.
Anyways - If those information I have about the Anime and the novel are correct (didn't read the novel [yet] - mainly due the fact that I still lack the japanese skill for this), Gundam Unicorn will likely get a FSK 16 rating in Germany. (We're talking about sex, drugs and rock'n'roll! - ok, without rock'n'roll, but everything else)

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