25 October 2009

Oh man,... Come on!

The O Gundam Display Box / オ・ガンダム

Like stated in the previous posting, I am currently working on a Display for my, still en route, High Grade O Gundam. Basically it is just a white Box with a hole in the middle were the Sparkle Clear Actionbase 2 is put upon. Inside the Box, I am going to install 3 white LEDs.
A rough, bad, CGI sketch.

And now a view inside the Box.

I really hope that this time, the series circuit is working, otherwise I will have to put them parallel again.
Anyways, next post will feature a really rough prototype ( Although I think this term is an exaggeration)、the current status of the display box.
Last, but not least, we will solve the mystery why I will use white LED and not green ones.

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