17 March 2010

HGUC Geara Doga pt. 0

Starting from the bottom

I built myself a base for my currently under construction HGUC Geara Doga (Rezin Schnyder ver., but will be painted in the original green colors)
Basically, I used a base which is/was included with either HG Gadessa, Gaddess, Garazzo, Arios, Susanowo, Masurao, puttied one hole (more or less well,... more less), painted it black, applied one layer of clear, applied 4 water slide decals ( Gundam Decal vol. 72 - Neo Zeon Char's Counterattack - the MS name, it's model number, faction it belongs to and the plamo manufacteurer) and finally applied another layer of clear, sealing the decals.
Depending on the angle and the lightning, you won't notice the defects, but if you want to see the defects, check out the picture below.

Well - next time gotta take more care with that (honestly, even with mr. surfacer 1200 I didn't noticed the defects)
Still looking good enough for a display and bad enough to be a reminder to work more carefully the next time.

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