05 March 2010

It's waiting time!

As you might know, I recently finished my Type 61 tanks - with the desert type waiting for reinforcements.
I started working on the RX-79(G) Ground Type Production Gundam - I removed the seamlines and clued some hands, because they're really loose. Well, the trigger finger/hand is holding a HyperBazooka, which is NOT included with the HGUC RX-79(G) - it's included with the old RGM-79(G) Ground Type GM.

I have to say, it fits almost perfectly.

Well, besides seamlines and weapons, I added some brass rods to his head (additional antennae, and a pitot tube, so the Gundam Pilot knows, how fast he is jumping ^_^

besides the modifications on the head, I'm currently not planning any other mods, except for one - I'm trying to build a mount for his regular machine gun.

Another reason I'm currently working on the Gundam - I ordered mr. mark softer and setter to improve my decals, but unless they arrived, I don't want to continue/start working on models I have waterslide decals for ^_^'

edit: Ok, I added a bit of pla plate by now :o

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