10 April 2010

Another HGUC - another OYW Suit

Hello Kitty!
Hi Gogg!

The MSM-03C Hy-Gogg - what a pretty ugly interesting Suit!
Debuted in the first few minutes of the first episode of 'Gundam 0080 - War in the Pocket', it was followed by serveral video game appearances and plamo of course! Currently, the most advanced plamo available for the Hy-Gogg is the HGUC version. I'd like to see a MG version of it, but I'll talk about it later.

Back to the Hy-Gogg itself. The Hy-Gogg is one Suit which, similar to Xamel, Z'Gok, Aguy etc., isn't that much humanoid as Zaku, Gundam etc.
Starting with the height, it's the smallest MS* from the OYW I know of, measuring 15.4m. The main reason for this is the fact, that the actual head was immgrated into the upper torso, which itself has the same height like a Zaku, but fatter (afterall, it also contains 4 torpedo launchers and 2 120mm machine guns). 
Two extremely long 'flexible arms' are attached to the torso, covered by two huge shoulder armors, which can act as a shield, similar to the Zaku Shield. At the end of the arm, you'll finde two big hands, each having 4 'vice claws' and one Mega Particle Cannon (explaining the size of the hands).
The hand can also be equipped with a 'Hand Missle Unit', which looks like a huge propellant tank, but actually just seems to cover the missle head, in order to prevent accidental ignitions.
Equipped with hand missle unit or not, the arm can retract and the shoulder armor can fold down, making it more streamlined, improving underwater movement.
The waist and leg aren't that special, so no need to talk about them.
The feet however are shaped like a plus/+. which fold it in order to improve underwater maneuverability.
All those things are what I like about the Hy-Gogg, therefore I had to buy it!
Anyways, (somewhat) onto the model itself!
The Hy-Gogg contains 4 runners (3PS 1ABS) + PolyCap set nr. 123 - well worth 1200yen in my opinion.
One nice feature is on the A-Plate - although the eye is fix posed (-), it's a part, and not a sticker (+), clear red (+), and even fluorescent! (+) - illuminating the dark pink/bright red eye with an UV LED results in some nice pink monoeye - bandai, I know this kit is about 6 to 7 years old already, but please, I want this kind of clear red/pink eye with new model kits!
Speaking of 6 to 7 years, I feel that the mold was getting old, resulting in much more loose parts.
Bending the arms to the sides, they will fall down fairly fast. The left hand won't even want to stay in place - it feels like I missed a Polycap, which I didn't (otherwise the joint wouldn't connect).
The upper knee joint is quiet loose on both legs, making it difficult to perform some nice dynamic poses.
Well, maybe it's just my Hy-Gogg - anyway, since it will be fix posed eventually, I will clue some parts, ensuring that they won't move (that) much after being finished.

So far for the kit - onto what I've done.
-Installed an UV LED into the torso (surprisingly easy task)
-made a custom effect part for a missle from the hand missle launcher
-modified one hand missle launcher container thingy (need to do touch ups)
-drilled holes for the 120mm MG (lower torse), for more depth
-'custom' panel lines (former seam lines on the upper torso, which can't be removed that easily due the lower torso)

I see you!


 the modified 'hand missle unit' parts on the left, the original on the right

What to do prior painting/weathering :
-posing the hand missle unit hull parts
-laying the cable for the LED
-removing seam lines

Why Do I think that a MG is possible? Most features of this MS already have been tested/utilized with prior MG kits (the retraction of the flexible arm and the eye movement was introduced with the MSM-07S Char Z'Gok kit, the contractible feet with the MSM-04 Aguy (it's arms))
Why isn't there a MG yet? Probably due difficulties in recreating the hand missle unit hull (6 hull parts + a lot of locks) and due the lack of demand.

So,... somebody who knows a good, cheap way how to create water for a diorama? ^_^'

*excluding Guntank

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