22 December 2009

New MG GN-X picture / ジンクス

Bandai released a new image of a painted MG-GN-X - damn, I like it, can't wait for it's release.

(Image from Bandai-Hobby)
January 2010 release - 3600¥ (Retail - without tax)

There are also a few photos taken from the latest Dengeki Hobby Issue (February 2010 Issue) with some information on this gem. Unfortunately, the quality of those images is bad (espacially blurry).
All I can see is, that the head movement is (obviously) alot better than the HG version, it has a Display Base for the GN[T] Drive, and maybe (don't know exactly, due bad quality and stupid watermark) a LED-Unit.
Well,... gotta wait for more high-res pictures/scans.

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