07 December 2009

Finally finished and satisfied.

Let there be light!

Finally finished the Display box for my O-Gundam.
Although there are some minor flaws, I'm totally satisfied with the result.

(photo taken with flash)

(photo taken without flash)

Basically, I find this Display Base more worthy the name of the 'Lightning Action Base' (LAB), than Bandai's LAB, which will be released about christmas.
All in all, I claim that my LAB has 2 significant advantages over Bandai's LAB:
1. Due the usage of a DisplayBase 2 and white LEDs, you are able to perform action poses, unlike with Bandai's, which only can be used for standing models.
2. The color effect depends on what Action Base 2 is used - If I want to display the HGUC Unicorn Gundam or any 'GN[T]' MS from the Gundam 00 series, I use a clear red AB 2 - or the clear blue AB.

On another note, I started with a new project, in order to acquire some scratch building skills.
Well,... until know, it's just a GN-Archer with some minor modifications.

Modifications so far and how accomplished:
-removed the 'mane' and installed a 0,5mm brass rod, which will function as an antenna (inspired by the GM-Kai)
-Installed the optional GN Particle Tank from the O-Gundam
-added remaining parts from the HG Gaddess to the shoulders of the GN-Archer.
-removed the right forearm and replaced it by one of the HG Seravee's Cannons/HG Seraphim's arms (If the arm is in cannon mode, this mod reminds me of Samus Aran, therefore I will call this mod 'Samus Gundam' while it's a WIP (I don't know what colorsheme I will apply eventually,... but the idea of a Samus Gundam is quiet tempting,... ^^'))

Still need to optimize my 'putty work', so it will look 'natural' once painted.
And I have to think how I will mod the knees,... (I don't like those wings from the original design and I think about using the HG seraphim's side skirts as knee covers)

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