14 December 2009

Some miscellaneous from the Dengeki Hobby January 2010 Issue.

Today, I will cover some misc. stuff I found in the latest Dengeki Hobby issue.

1/100 Scale Diorama - Featuring:
Zaku II 2.0 (J-type) and Gundam 2.0

I'm really impressed how they achieved to pose the Zaku mid-air, but I can't really understand why they used a J-Type Zaku - This diorama recreates a scene from the first episode/movie from Gundam 0079, after 3 Zaku infiltrated this colony - my complaint: the J type is used for ground combat, but they are useless to maneuver in space - that's what the F-Type Zaku was used for and needed to infiltrate the colony.

(a modded 1/100 MG Guntank)

It was well weathered and slightly modified, added some photo etched parts etc.
It's colorscheme is similar to that on of the Prototype Gundam.

1/1 scale Pulse Rifle replica from Alien 2

I was quiet surprised to see that while checking the mag - but the pricing is ridiculous - about 100.000 Yen (that are about 1000$, 800Euro,... excluding shipping and duty). The text also says something about counter and gimmick and magazin,... but can't say for sure what exactly.

Trading Figure series from to aru majutsu no index (とある魔術のインデックス)

Recently watched the anime and I really like Misaka and her 20,001 clones - although I really would like to get the PVC figure, it's a bit to expensive for my wallet, but this trading figures only cost about 700yen each. However, I didn't find any German reseller so far who will sell those figures, and I don't want to by a box of 12 pieces and eventually don't get 2 misaka - (I want to mod one with a LED inside, + a spare one, if the mod happens to fail)
Well, I will have to check eBay regularly in march, but I'm quiet confident to forget about this by then, after those trading figures will be released.

1/8 scale Rei Ayanami 'Color Resin' kit - 'Super Plugsuit ver.'

Lust, but not least, a 1/8 (17cm) scale Rei Ayanami Resin-kit with her 'Super Plugsuit' (why does it look like a catsuit?). The individual parts are molded in their final colors, but you still need to paint the details onto the parts yourself. Waterslide decals for the eyes are provided aswell.
But you'll need to spend 11.300 yen for the kit.
Well,... honestly I'd rather get a PG Zaku or try to find the 1/8 scale Mikoto Misaka & Misaka set on eBay.

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