13 December 2009

The Unicorn Gundam Bust

The First Unicorn!
(and maybe the last)

Recently received my Dengeki Hobby January Issue 2010, including the 1/48 scale Unicorn Gundam Head (Display Base) (If you want to see the unpainted head, check the link)
With only one runner (+4 Psycho-Frame parts), the head was built fast and painted, too!
Therefore, all I can do is to post the finished head.

Left: the head in destroy mode - Right: with black light
after the photos were taken, I noticed that I should panel-line the mout vents.

The head is capable of transforming between Unicorn- and Destroymode, however, I will display it as Destroy-mode, since I find this to be more interesting to look at, instead of the plain, white, Unicorn.
The head itself required a fair bit of work in order to look like the Unicorn Gundam, but, unlike the 1/144 Rasiel Gundam kit, it doesn't require that much of work.
Basically, you need to paint the inside of the unicorn horn, or the V-Fin, with yellow or gold, and the neck area, the eye piece and (what I didn't) the center of the V-Fin with gray.
And finally the eyes and camera with green.
One page after the instruction manual, you will spot this:

If you are a little bit experience with electronics, you can add a cardreader and a LED to the head.

All in all, I'm satisfied with my work, but I'm not satisfied with the photos taken - a lot of the shading effects doesn't come out that well, not to speak of the gloss from the top coat. The Head itself was fun to build and looks good on display, but the ridiculously expensive shipping to Europe makes you think twice before buying an Dengeki Hobby January 2010 Issue.
For about 2500yen (incl. Shipping), I only recommend this head to people, who really like the Unicorn Gundam and/or spend a fair amount of effort building and painting this kit.
Otherwise, due it's scale, the head will just be boring to look at.

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