15 April 2010

1/144 MSN-01 PsyCo Zaku

PsyCo, PsyCho, PsyCommu, PsyChommu, or even SyCommu - it's a matter of taste how you call this - I prefere PsyCo(mmu)

Well, anyways, a small update on the PsyCo Zaku.
Since it doesn't feature snap assembly, building will take a while.
I only clue a few parts at a time, waiting for the clue to dry, and sand the excess clue in order to remove the seamline, prior adding other parts to it.
Well, this results that I was just able to get both shoulders and the inside of the head done (the piece where the mono-eye decal will be applied to).

Currently thinking of a way to make the arms detachable (since the arms are like the Zeong's wire guided) and the best way to paint/build the head.

So Far for the progress, now a look on some contents of the box.

Of course you will get the construction manual - it feels surprisingly familiar if you build older High Grade kits like the GM(G). Well, some difference - the construction manual will focus on the construction alone - nowadays, the manual also contains backstory and such. However, You'll get a 'mechanical file' of the 'Sycommu'[sic] Zaku - well, basically just a printed cardboard (this makes me wanna collect more MSV kits). It features alot of backstory aswell aswell a guide on where to apply the decals.

speaking of decals, a small sheet of waterslide decals is included aswell

alot of 2's and arrows - one mono-eye - that's about it.
the MSN-01 at the bottom just seems to help you to recognize that this decal sheet belongs to the PsyCommu Zaku (since the MSN-01 is linked to the BANDAI) - or if you're making a custom display base.

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Dav7d2 said...

Mind if I ask you if I can have a scan of the manual, if not maybe just a scan of the artwork with the technical info? Please! If you don't want to do it, I understand. Thank you for your time.
Yours truly,