31 January 2010

GN-X Variations

After Dalong uploaded his pictures of the runners of the MG GN-X (still waiting for mine), I checked the runners to see, how likely we're able to see some variations - well, first of all I made a little graphic, showcasing all* GN-X.

*excluding the GN-X IV, since there's no 100% official, final line art yet.

Linearts are from gundam00.net and MAHQ.net

Advanced GN-X right below the standart GN-X
GN-X Cannon and Sword under the GN-X II

I marked changes with a green circle - and by changes, I mean those parts the successor doesn't have with it's predecessor in common anymore.
Therefore, the GN-X III's shoulders aren't an difference from the GN-X I to me, since the GN-X II has the same shoulders aswell.

Well, starting with the A plate, which is called to be the most significant plate for a model, you can already spot 6 altering points,... or how they are called officially.
Anyways, 2 altering points are located around a bunch of clear pink parts - those parts seem to be for the sensor of the head as well as for the Long Barrel Beam Rifle.
Bandai can easily change the molding section for those parts, in order to make a GN-X II (+ variations), III and Superbia possible!
On the top right, bandai has altering points around the parts for the shield and forehead - advanced GN-X is starting to scream!

notice the parts on the right? GN-X I, II, III and Superbia utilize them - except the advanced GN-X - obvious!

Runner C has Altering Points around some parts for the shoulder (or how to call those, which are technically part of the torso).
Well,... I didn't spot any differences on the linearts in this case- maybe I'm getting old.

The D Plate has no 'Altering Points' because, it is GN-X I exclusive! All the parts are just used for the GN-X I - ok, for those binders, the advanced GN-X uses them aswell, but I guess Bandai will give us a new runner to include the shoulder mounted shield rods.

The J Runner features the Beam Rifle and GN-Drive base on the right, and the GN-Long Barrel Beam Rifle attachment on the left - what shall I say, besides that this is another hint. - Bandai can use another mold instead of the long barrel parts for the Advanced GN-X rifle.

The Frame for the 'X-Binders' has altering points - GN-X II and III are knocking on Bandai's door.
I dunno why the upper one is located a little bit offset - maybe I just made a mistake.

There are some other runners as well - but they didn't feature any hints for GN-X variations, therefore I suggest to head to dalong.net if you want to see those pics!

Well, I didn't spot that much opportunities for bandai to change the runners for a Superbia GN-X - I believe, if Bandai is going to release an MG Superbia GN-X, it will most likely feature almost entire new runners.
Well, what do you think?

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