31 January 2010

GN-Archer 'Samus Gundam'

Metroid PRIME?
Yea, I know - stupid play on words

Today I primed my GN-Archer with Mr. Surfacer - now, one of my 2 bottles of mr. surfacer is empty - thanks to the export ban thingy, I want/need to ration my remaining mr. Surfacer bottle (which means I wasn't able to prime all parts), therefore one shoulder, leg and feet isn't primed.

Why do the priming? Well, to look fore some minor defects, which need to be fixed with putty etc., which are diffecult to spot with parts not being unichrome.

front and back - I marked a few locations on the Backpack and head, which I have to fix

At first, I wanted to have some Plaplates on the knee-cover and try to get an more clean design, similar to the original Varia Suit from Samus. However, I decided to leave this be and intend that there are thrusters/vents right beneath the knee cover.
(Unfortunate, I clued some PlaPlate onto the leg already, and removed them again - Now I need to fix the knee covers aswell v_v)

Action Posing - with not mut Action

The right one reminds me of something...

(Source: Wikipedia)

For the color scheme - I think I'll stick with the one from metroid prime - mainly because the 'prime color' has a green visor, like the GN-Archer has.

(Source: Wikipedia)
or at least, it looks to be green, but illuminated with blue

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