30 January 2010

Lightning Base Zaku

With my Unicorn Gundam Review, I covered on 2 items from my 'redpack' - the Unicorn Gundam and the Actionbase 2 - well, I think the Lightningbase is far more interesting, compared to the AB2.

The best setting for lightning base to shine is at night, obviously - well, I took a, more or less good photo, more less, of the LB on my Zeon shelf.

From left to right -
Gouf 2.0 (not in picture), Char Z'Gok, F-Type Zaku 2.0 'Minelayer', Zaku 2,0 'Cannon - Topp custom', Zaku I 1.0 'Topp custom' - F-type Zaku 2.0 'Ghosty Custom'

During day, the LB doesn't really get any attention - because sunlight beats the LED light.

The LB features an octacon base, like the AB1 has, with a little connector stored under the base itself, to connect to AB1 bases. This, however, proved to be somewhat diffecult - the LB doesn't seem to have the exact same size as the AB1 (We're speaking of an difference of about, dunno, a millimeter or half), making it diffecult to attach to 3 other AB1, attached like an L. It took me quiet some time (I think about 10 minutes) to get the LB connected to the other 3 AB1, so it eventually will be 4 Bases, connected roughly like this [].
Anyways - on to the LB again - the LB has 2 LEDs, positioned at 2 opposite endings of the base, to illuminate the later one. The LB requires 3 AAA-Batteries, which should quiet some time (after all, it's just 2 LED).
One case of an LED has the switch for the LB - simply slide the switch from one position to another in order to turn the LEDs on or off.
Anyways, the LED aren't directly illuminating the model put upon - instead, they illuminate the plate in the middle, which redirects the light to the model.
This plate can be turned to redirect the LED's light ray. (see HobbySearch Packshot on the right side).
I suggest turning the plate until you finde the best position to illuminate your model.

Will I get other LBs? Well, maybe in the future - but in the present: nope.
Maybe a green one for the (almost sure to come) 1/100 raphael Gundam from the upcoming Gundam 00 movie.

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