02 January 2010

HG Zaku - Eye done

I was blind, but now I can see!

Recently finished the Eye mod of my HG Zaku - now, at least somewhat, MG like!

Basically, All I had to do, compared to my last post, was to paint the eye, get some clear pla-plate for the eye cover thingy, and had to add some pla-plate/putty to the bottom half of the head.


I have to admit, I'm still considering whether to use clear Pla-Plate for the visor or not.
It's a Little bit too shiny and it makes it difficult to take a look at the eye + with the pla plate installed, I'd have to remove the upper head, in order to move the eye.

Now, the Zaku is basically finished - the painting process might start anytime soon, just have to find the time and mood to paint.

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