19 January 2010

Kikkoman Teriyaki sauce/marinade with turkey / キッコーマンの照り焼き

German bottle

Yesterday, I made myself some teriyaki (照り焼き) - but not with fish, like it's (afaik) traditionally used for teriyake, but with turkey instead.
I marinaded it with Kikkoman Teriyaki sauce/marinade (with roasted garlic) for about an hour before I throw my turkey into the pan.

Burn baby, burn!

now the other side

I pan-fried both sides until it was well done. Meanwhile, I 'thinned' the remaining teriyaki marinade with water (about 1/1 ratio).
With the turkey well done, I added the remaining marinade and cooked the turkey.

Afterwards, I turned it quiet often, in order to achieve the teri for the yaki (although I don't know if often turning the turkey cutlet is mandatory or not).
While the sauce is vaporising, more and more sauce,... 'sticks' (or what the correct word is) to the meat, resulting in a darker tone over time

Well, now it looks done - onto the plate!

Now you see, why teriyaki literally means something like shiny broiled or something like that.
Well, it was tasty, but it missed a little bit of salt.

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