17 January 2010

1/100MG Barzam Conversion kit

Wait, I have still a pile of other gunpla to do
But somehow don't want to airbrush while it's cold outside.

Received my 1/100 Barzam Conversion kit for my 1/100 MG Gundam MkII 2.0 from Ako Hobby
It's a plastic conversion kit, and therefore by far not as expensive as a resin one.

Ako Hobby has plenty of resin kits, I'm interested in - I decided to get the Barzam, since I don't want to buy a new model for my first conversion kit.
Might get the Powered GM, once I have done all my current Gunpla.

Anyways, I decided to make a Video on Youtube - check it out!
(I'm probably not going to start the Barzam until I finished my HGHG diorama and/or Seravee and/or GN-X and/or 'Samus Gundam')

Completed Barzam with decals (not included): Image from Ako Hobby

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