08 February 2010

Gelgoog 2.0 + boredom

Well, I'll cancel the MG Gouf Custom (clear parts campaign ver.) preorder due some lame reason:
My shelf for Zeon MasterGrade Models is almost full - there is only space for one more model, and I have to decide what model to get.

I have the choice between an MG Dom, MG J. Ridden Zaku 2.0 and Gelgoog 2.0 - at least currently, I'm going to get the Gelgoog 2.0 (probably the Char Aznable one with clear parts) since I don't have any Gelgoog model yet. (Many Zakus and one HG Dom Tropen)

What I like about the Gelgoog are the, although in my opinion useless, thrusters on the arms, the head, the height, and it's more angled design compared to the other Zeon MS.

Also I noticed that Proto Man (or Blues in Japan) has a Gelgoog Shield! OMG!

Out of boredom - how would the Gelgoog look like, with Proto Man colors?

Looks quiet 'retro-ish'
But well,... I'm not that into Mega Man, therefore I'll probably stick with the ordinary green colorscheme. (Although I'm getting the Char Aznable Gelgoog - just for the clear parts)

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