22 February 2010

HGUC Gelgoog Marine

Not really a WIP

I'm finally into modelling again, so I didn't really take photos during assembly/painting - however, I might should have slowed down a bit.

Anyways - the HGUC Gelgoog Marine kit is the 16th HGUC kit - it's old, lack in posability, no ABS for the joint parts and such. Since I will have it just standing, lack is posability isn't really a disadvantage in my opinion - however, the peg to connect the upper leg with the knee joint is loose - this means, the lower leg is falling off all the time!

The HGUC Gelgoog Marine also has a lot of tiny parts - like some thrusters on the backpack, not bigger than about 4mm in diameter! You better don't drop such parts!

Well - I painted my Gelgoog. Instead of the original gray and green color scheme, I sticked with a darkgraygreen/darkgreen color scheme, and some gray parts for joints, thrusters etc.

I painted all green parts first, and masked them later to paint the gray areas (mainly thrusters), but after I removed the masking tape, it seemed that the green colors didn't completly dry - as a result, some paint came off, espacially on the rear.
Due the dark Color scheme of the inital color and the applied paint, I find it hard to spot the locations where the color came off - however, knowing that there are those certain spots is kinda disturbing.

Trivia: According to the manual, the 'Marine' from it's name is NOT English - instead, according to the katakana and therefore the official reading (in my opinion) - it's 'mariine' in roumaji - I find it to sound like the German word 'Marine' (It still means the same, just the way to pronounce the name is different) - like the Dom Tropen and Kaempfer, it's again some German MS name.

Can you see them? (should be 2):
(click image to see the solution)

I'll try to cover those spots with some weathering, after I applied a coat of flat clear to eliminate the shininess and to secure the decals.

What's the next model going to be, after the Gelgoog Marine is finished? My Zaku? Unicorn Gundam? GN-X (yes, I have it by now)? Let's wait and see!

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