15 February 2010

A lot of Sale

Currently, HLJ seems to want to get rid of some PlaMo and GunPla

Last Friday, they started a 'Mondo Macross Sale!'. They also have some models from Macross Frontier, including the Ozma Custom with 35% off (R10 'just' offers 20% discount).
Well, I ordered this one on Friday - Anyways, today HLJ started a 'Special GunPla Sale!' - Featuring (more or less) alot HG and MG kits!
There are, in my Opinion, quiet some highlights, for example the
To bad I ordered the Ozma VF-25 Valkyrie last friday - otherwise, I'd have bought the Gelgoog.

Anyways, I'm happy starting next week, I'll have some time again to paint my models. A lot of my models are completed despite the fact, that they aren't painted - and another bunch of models I only assembled, but didn't work on, since I have many others to complete first.

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