20 October 2009

MG Zaku Cannon / ザクキャノン

Recently finished my MG Zaku Cannon - bought it while it was on sale at HLJ for just 3.000 JPY instead of 4.500

I did a custom paintjob (I didn't like the regular one), used a dremel for the edges of the parts and painted the dremeled areas with a real touch gundam marker.
I also added 4 little rivets for the cockpit hatch,... I wanted to do more, but I lacked a proper (0.5mm diameter) drill and actually just used a needle, which was awful to do. (Therefore I recently ordered a 0.5mm Drill bit and a Pinvise to use this drill bit - 0,5mm is a bit to small for my dremel)
The weathering was done using the Tamiya Weathering Master Set A and B.
The mud at the feet was accomplished with using a Weathering Stick for the texture and finally 'painting' it with 2 shades from the Tamiya Weathering Set.
Although I'm quiet satisfied with my work, I used a bit to much of the sooth weathering, espacially underneath the chest vents, and the clear top coat was a bit applied to much, resulting in some annoying white stains,... darn it!

Anyways. next up is the HG 1/144 O Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (first episode) - But I will just apply a chrome Paint-Job with different shades and an ordinary (non chromatic) gold for the antenna and the skirt composite armor pieces. Luckily, according to the manual scans at Hobby Search, I won't need to do any (except for the eyes) masking,... thats a hell lot better to work with than my current project, a slightly modified G30th Gundam (currently, there are just going to be 2 differences - Initially, I wanted to give it a Odaiba Gundam paintjob, but due a significant part loss, I now make a simple modified version), still with quiet some masking.

Finally, I'm currently planning the project after the O Gundam, which will be my truely, first major modification.
A bunch of words: GM, 0083, 00, Pla Plate, Green Stuff, Recast, lightup, Alvaaron,

Well, my currenct (bad) sketch of this mod is as follows:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

As you can see, It's a GM with a Gold/Black/Red color scheme (no, nothing political), which will receive various parts I've left from other models and models that are no longer wanted (00 Gundam) - actually, I want to try to build a 'Alvaaron' prototype (see Gundam 00 - Season 1, Episode 25).
With my bad photoshop skills, the recolor of the lineart of the GM resulted in a red shading of the black torso/feet - I'll eventually try how clear red on black looks like. If the effect is looking good, I'll put clear red onto the black parts (anyways, at first I need to organize the modifications, buy it, built it and finally paint it)
The parts will be used from the 1/100 00 Gundam, the parts left from MG Exia [-Repair/Ignition Mode] and HG GNHW/B Seravee, and everything else I can find.
[Of course there will be even more modifications, like the cockpit hatch, which are required to be less of a UC Suit and more a Anno Domini Suit, but the above linkes is just the current status]


Firefly said...

das war also der Grund warum du seit 2 Monaten nicht mehr im ICQ warst...

SpeedStriker said...

Saw that Zaku II Cannon Rabbit Ears type and immediately felt obliged to pay your blog a visit. If it wasn't for UCGO by Titan Server, I never would have known how humble yet reliable the design of this amazing MS is. Keep up the good work, and I do hope that you'll someday find the time to build that Zaku a proper diorama. Land based MS are made for that kinda stuff.