09 April 2009

Tieren light up

Ok, first of all, modding the Tieren didn't take that long, like it did to find some time for this post.
I'll just start, without much talking. (I want to post this finally, since new models are waiting for being build).

This is the location. Here I'll install white LED's (on both sides) in order to achieve working head lights.

First image: 'Wow, drilling the hole will be easy!' Second picture (inside view): 'what the hell, why does Bandai have this bar inside the headlight case? It doesn't do ANYTHING, except being a disturbance drilling this away'

Well, drilling went quiet good (except I should have used a smaller one, but you doesn't notice this differenc with the head lights on, later on). Those 2 little remaining bars on the side inside the case,... well, they are like the one Bandai had: useless. Again, you won't notice them.

Here, I applied offcuts from various stickers,... well, I used parts of the sticker sheet of the Tieren, and the Dom Tropen. This little 'mirror' alone, increases the light output, by roughly at least 10%, and, at least in my oppinion, it looks alot better, than just being green (Speaking of the case).

Afterwards, I drilled 2 holes at the back of the headlight case, which is part of the shoulder itself. One hole for the Anode, and one for the Kathode of the LED.

Assembled shoulder head light, without any diffusor applied (yet).

The first test, with 2 AAA (series circuit).
This is required, since 1 AAA battery delivers 1,5V - in series, both voltages sum up, which results in having 3V, which were required for my LEDs.

This test was followed by soldering everything together - while the series circuit for the batteries worked well, it didn't work for the LED - which resulted in having the LED in parallel circuit. (I don't understand, why series didn't work (and yes, I checked the polarity of the LED's at least 10 times),... well, it works now, but it's still a mystery)

Final assembly - what you cannot see: with this 2 LED, I can light up my hole room (ok, not as bright like a ordinary lamp, but bright enough to not accidently kick my cat).

An old picture by now - at the time I took this photo, you were able to see the wire(s) at 3 locations - Nowadays, the upper wire on the picture is covered, so you'll only see the 2 wires (backpack and waist), which lead to the batteries.

The poseability of the shoulders is not affected by the modding process, i'm still able to move the shoulders for- and backwards, without wires being seen.

Well, next 'to be modified' model kit will be my Sefer Rasiel from the Dengeki Hobby Magazine (January and February issue 2009). The head, arms and the right hand will be made posable. Legs and feet won't be modified, because of the included display base from the Sefer kit, elbow can't be modified, since, according to Dengeki Hobby Magazin, I don't have HG Virtue elbows. Left hand neither can be modified, since the lack of spare left hands. (I only have a right hand of my HG kyrios left, nothing more).
(I didn't checked all my spare PolyCaps yet, but I'm quiet optimistic, regarding this.)

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