20 March 2009

Diorama completion and Tieren

Well, the diorama might be completed,... but I'm not really satisfied,... although I knew, the Diorama will be plain,... it just looks,... kinda,... too plain.
Anyways, it was my first, mainly used for practice.

I like the Sand color, but it is really difficult to get some dynamic poses.
And it's meant to be only a part of a dune, and NOT the dune itself, so,... try to ignore the margin :/
Anyways, maybe I'm more useful in modding the models than in building some diorama for it.
Speaking of it, I'm currently working on a 1/100 Tieren (land type) from the Anime 'Gundam 00'
I intend to built some LEDs in the shoulders and behind the eye, but last might not work, since the eyepiece is damn small.

If you compare the Tieren to the Zaku, you can clearly see, that the Tieren is the Zaku equivalent in the 'Anno Domini' Gundam timeline.
1st of all, the design. The Tieren features like the ZakuII a Monoeye and shoulder mounted shields and the roll-out colorsheme.
As well as the serial number.
The ZakuII is the MS-06 [additional letter for specific type, like F for space or J for Landtype, C for cannon etc.)
The Tieren is the MSJ-06II-[Letter for specific type, like A for ground type]
Last, but not least, both Mecha have a lot of variations, like Cannon types, high-mobility types etc.

Currently working on the shoulder lights, and it's currently going well, the shoulder lights will be soldered tomorrow.
But don't expect to get a light-up Tieren-eye, it seems to be easier to have a ZakuII-Eye light up instead the Tierens.... Well, let's wait and see.

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