17 March 2009

Custom Zaku and Diorama Progress

While waiting for the color on my Dom to dry, I repainted my Custom Zaku II.
The first version was painted using Gundam Marker

I liked the color-sheme, but I really wasn't satisfied with my paint job, that's why I redid it.

Compared to the 'Marker version', the black is a bit darker and the gold a bit brighter.
But I didn't paint the shoulder spikes, the antenna and the shoulde shield.
I don't have a 'plated silver' color, and I don't want to lose this mirror-like effect the spikes and antenna have (Problem: the Marker are quiet hard and they scratch everything, and this looks like,... sh*t).
The shield wasn't colored because I already applied the Zeon decal. Unless I have an additional decal, I won't color the shield.
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On this picture, you can see, quiet some old, picture of my diorama progress.
Since I'm lazy, I won't do another photo, because it's almost completed.
The last thing I have to do, is to color the sand, which is already applied, as well as correct a few details on the Dom's leg.
In other words:
Only 1 color left,... the last step towards completion.

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