12 March 2009

Colored Celestial Being Action Base

I finally started working on my diorama,... again,
While the color of my 'soon to be finished' GM needs to dry, I (almost) finished my Celestial Being Action Base. Initially, I bought the white version instead the OO-Raiser pack, including the clear green version, because I always wanted to color mine. I wouldn't dare to color the green one, because a) it's (meant to be) a limited item, and b) the pole, needed for the action poses, would be green, but I think the clear noncolored pole fits alot better!

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At a few locations, some blue went beneath the masking film. After the blue dried, I'll need to mask the blue areas and air brush a bit the 'infected', yellow areas to improve the result.
After all, I'm really satisfied with the result, being my first victim, which was airbrushed ;)

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