27 February 2009

A Prelude to the Airbrush

This weekend, i'll use my Airbrush for the first time, I'll start with coloring my Action Base 1 Celestial Being ver., or atleast, the yellow part, because I think it looks kinda plain,... just white,...

I'll use the Yellow to paint the Dom's Heatsabre afterwards, because I don't want to 'just start' with painting a model without at least a few experiences.

Anyways, today, the 'prelude', will consist of a new image of my OO-Raiser (double oh Gundam + O Raiser).

Well, what's so special?

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I juste love those fluorescent colors, because... it looks cool!!! ^_^'
The eyes are painted green and this head 'jewel' is painted with help of many little pink dots :) (in order to achive the pink to be not noticeable, or at least less noticeable, with daylight etc.)

I really can recommend fluorescent gundam marker if you happen to have a black light near your display.

Another idea I might give a try sooner or later (read: later) would be painting the eyes with fluorescent color and inserting a blacklight LED inside the Head. But 1st, I need one of those LEDs and 2nd, it might only work in the nu-Gundams head, due it's size.

Well, we'll see.


Ngee Khiong said...

Agree. Really cool effect for the head piece. ^^

I only know fluorescent colors have a glossy effect for beam saber. Never know that they would glow in the dark ^^

Ghosty-chan said...

the only problem is, that you need some black light. After the black light is turned off, the fluorescent color stops glowing immediatly