22 January 2009

First Post

I'd like to welcome you to my blog.
This blog is going to be about everythin i like, kike Gundam and Gunpla, different Anime, video gaming and many other interests.

Now, i don't want to just talk about "hey, i'm new!", instead, i'm going to post a little bit about the 1/100 00 Gundam model.

I ordered the model at www.hlj.com by SAL, which took longer than usual due to the holiday season.

Well, after arrival i was quiet impressed, that the box was smaller than the box of various "few parts" MG-kits like the MSM-07S Z'Gok.

I decided to buy the 1/100 version instead of the 1/144 HG version for two reasons:
  1. the 1/100 scale 00 Gundam has Light-Up GN-Drives (2 CR1220 buttonbatteries required)
  2. 1/144 scale models are, at least for me, to small
While building the model, i found a few aspects of the model, which are, well,... not well done or at least for me, new to me.

Although 1/100, it's antenna have a strange blob-like thingy at the end of the antenna (Pictures to follow), like various HG model kits.
Furthermore, it was widely criticized for not having a poseable waist. Although i posed my 00 Gundam (+ 00 Raiser) in mid-flight pose (as seen in the intro of Gundam 00 Season 2)
And finally: Bandai didn't include an oben palm for the 00 Gundam, only 2 fists and 2 hands for holding the swords and beam sabres.

On the other hand, i was quiet impressed at a view points. the 00 Gundam featured a thing, which somehow reminded of a innerframe like the MG kits have, at least the limbs.
Additionally, the limbs can perform full-bents, which my HG Kyrios didn't has, at least the elbow-bents.
And one thing, if you use the light-up feature: it might be (althoug not testet) to add additional white paint in- or outside the Drive, as seen on the pictures below.

Well, since i can't really do objective Reviews (yet), i can atleast say, if you want a 1/100 Scale 00 Gundam, you can buy this Non-Grade one, but if you want to use the Light-Up GN-Drives, make sure to insert the batteries carefully. I accidentally bent a contact, which is now a loose contact. I solved this by inserting this GN-Drive cone a bit more loosely.

Maybe i'll add a few more info, but don't aspect something in the near future,... maybe next week.

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